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So you want Improv?  Well, with Theater Off the Cuff's (formerly Mad Dogs & Englishmen) new Improv Café you
get to be the star!  

Sure you COULD sit back and yell out a few suggestions, but why not get up and join in the fun?  What makes this night so amazing is the ability of Colin and Dave to involve audience members in many of their Improv Games.



Games like:

“Finish The Sentence”
“To be or…...Line!”

Or, if that is a bit too dangerous for you, buckle up, strap down and hold on as Theater Off the Cuff performs one of their many hilarious Impromptu scenes using your audience material.

Scenes such as:

“Biblical Character Three Actions”
“The Bell”
“Who Dunnit”
“Return Desk”
“Fish Bowl”

Perfect for all ages, this night is sure to be a hit.  Length of program can be made to fit any event.  From 30 minutes to 90 minutes we’ve got you covered!

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"My family, my whole life, has been cursed. Seems like every time we started to eek ahead some disaster would tear us back down. There'd be my ninety-nine pound daddy sweatin' and scratchin' at a dried up dust bowl of a farm. And my three hundred pound momma cookin' for eight at that wood burnin' stove. She died there. Her last words were, 'It needs more salt.' We were cursed, I tell ya."

So sets the tone of Sweet River County, a wacky comedy about the Bumas/Haller family of central Texas. Built on the model of Greater Tuna, Sweet River County explores the misconceptions we have about the difficulties of life here on this earth. Does God have it out for us? Is He a huge cosmic foot ready to flatten us like bugs? Sweet River County takes a long look at that and makes us laugh along the way.
The play starts with the demise of Chester Haller, the ninety-nine year old patriarch of the Haller family. He fell asleep at the dinner table, dropped head first into his chili, sucked two beans up his nose and suffocated. His daughter Lurlene is convinced it is one more sign the family is cursed. To add insult to injury, the instructions were mumbled, so instead of resting in peace in a nice casket, Daddy Haller was cremated at Sweeney's Bakery.

"Oh my poor daddy. Why does this happen? You live a long, healthy life for 99 years, and in the blink of an eye you drown in your own chili and end up pea gravel in a mason jar. I can't understand it."

In Sweet River County you'll meet Chester Haller, Lurlene, Marvin, Ed, Dickey, Marlene, Charlene and Reverend/Mayor Baggins, all played with impeccable timing by the two man team Theater Off The Cuff. It's a fun journey that touches on questions we all ask. But be warned, the answers will be wrapped in humor, imagination and smell a whole lot like "sticky buns."

. . . . . . . . . .

A mix of tinsel, fruit cake and ugly sweaters. Wrapped in a bow and stuffed in your stocking. Coal optional.

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When you need that “just something different” in your next event, but you really want a message as well… Theater Off the Cuff humbly offers this hilarious and yet touching cornucopia of performance ministry. This amazing show offers just the variety that you have been looking for.

Improv?  Got it.  Comedy?  Yep!  Drama?  You’re all set.  Now throw in some professional musical theatre, and you have a performance like no other.

Taking experience from over 30 years of combined professional theatre this show will leave you breathless and bubbly.

Perfect for the whole family and great as an outreach, this production is geared to come as a full-length, 90-minute show, or can be separated into shorter segments for multiple event slots.

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TOTC University

Theater Off the Cuff is proud to announce Improv/Drama seminars for all ages. These classes range from 2 to 4 hours in length. They are designed to introduce students and adults to basic theatre games that will encourage unity, strengthen cooperation and teach the art of team building.

Using their intellect and imagination, attendees are taken thru both verbal and non-verbal games that are interactive and fun.

These classes fit well as an add-on option when Theater Off the Cuff is performing an evening show, conference, sketches or morning service.  They also work great as a break-out session or conference workshop.

Whether you have 20 or 200 participants, this elective can be a great addition when planning your next event.